Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy anniversary, Alamodeus ...

Two years.
465 posts.
235,600 visitors and still finding inspiration every day!

It's the second anniversary of the Alamodeus blog, and I'm so happy you've arrived in time to celebrate with me.

When I first started Alamodeus, I had just begun a sabbatical after leaving a career in marketing and public relations. It was a great time to pursue some lifelong passions - travel, art and writing, and consider what was next on the horizon.

It was pretty easy to gather my thoughts and dozens of images each week for Alamodeus when there wasn't anything else on my calendar. Today, it's a bit more challenging. I actually have much more on my plate these days.

After a year on sabbatical, I began Capistrano Soap Company, a new business venture that has taken flight and begun to develop a loyal following. You can read more about it in a previous post here. And, you can always click on the ACEQUIA Bath and Body Collection ad on the right of this page to visit our website and online store where you can learn more about our all-natural, luxury line of soaps and lotions.

So, if you wonder why some weeks may have shorter posts, it's because I may be juggling a few more balls. I'm also working on transferring many of the images posted on Alamodeus to my boards on Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest and see lots of photos from previous posts. I'm transferring a few each week, so it may be awhile before the full photo library is there.

Keep stopping by. I love sharing discoveries with my friends!

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Anonymous said...

It has been a wonderful two-year journey with you my friend. Look forward to wherever your exciting blogs take us. MAT

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