Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chartreuse season ...

As Summer gives way to Fall, design gurus are selecting their color preferences for the seasonal transition. Neiman Marcus is showing a green color story, and I like their picks! While I have an affinity for just about any shade of green, chartreuse hues are among my favorites.

Image via House Beautiful.

Chartreuse accent walls create a definite focal point. Whether in high gloss (amazing 'wow' factor) or a more subtle eggshell finish, this color gets rave reviews from me as a year-round stunner.

Image via The Suite Life Designs.

Dear Santa, I know it's early, but please put this killer sofa on my wish list. Magenta velvet makes me weak in the knees! I'll take the boho chic pillows, too. Thank you.

Image via Moxie Q.

Even when painting seems a bit more than many are ready to commit, soft goods can bring splashes of this dynamic color to draperies and pillows. 

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

I've previously shared other posts on my chartreuse cravings here.

Image by photographer Dominique Vorillon.

Chartreuse silks and velvets are my favorites. Above and below velvet is the 'go to' fabric when creating a formal setting.


Images above via Houzz (left) and Cote de Texas (right).

Image via Elle Decor.

Oh, Santa, go ahead and throw in everything in chartreuse velvet, too! Sure hope I can be good between now and Christmas.

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