Saturday, August 25, 2012

Booking agent ...

Okay, say you don't live in a home with a library, or bookshelves for that matter. How do you contain those volumes of bestsellers? Why not stack them (neatly, of course)?

Image via Loft and Cottage.

Randomly stacked books on a table can give a home the look of a 'return' desk at the library. Somewhat wonderful, somewhat teetering on chaos.

Image via Your Decorating Hotline.

Or, books can be creatively stacked and given new life as a table base. (Check out the suspended hutch above. Wow!)

Image via Apartment Therapy.

I'm partial to stacks suspended on a wall. Invisible bookshelf brackets magically keep the books afloat.

Image of Umbra Conceal Wall Shelf via Amazon.

Invisible wall brackets from Umbra (above) are available online.

Image by Ryan Korban.

Then, of course, there's always the floor. Love it!

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