Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wash day wonders ...

Only a few decades ago a room devoted to wash day chores was a rarity. Today, a laundry room is standard in most American homes, and these spaces are modern and luxurious.

Image via Shelterness

While I'm totally content with my less-than-opulent laundry facilities, truly useful washing centers (even mine) all have common denominators: good appliances, ample space to sort and fold, room to hang clothes that need pressing and space to house ironing equipment and storage for supplies. 


Images above via Best Laundry Room Ideas.

Good lighting is also key so stains can easily be seen and pre-treated, and we can all agree that a bright, cheerful space makes the washing duties far less grim.

Images above via Best Laundry Room Ideas.

It's amazing how a bit of paint and some personal decor can reflect a homeowner's personal taste even in such a utilitarian space.

Image above by designer Sarah Richardson

While these rooms may be all about function, form is what sets them apart as pleasant spaces for the most mundane of tasks.

Image via Shelterness

It's not that I plan to spend my non-washing hours in my laundry room, but a welcoming space certainly takes some of the drudgery out of these duties, particularly if other functions are accommodated in the same area.

Image via Laundry Room Ideas

I love the designer touches found in all of the laundry rooms pictured here.

Image via Shelterness

I'm beginning to feel a bit inspired to hang some art in my laundry and, perhaps, give the shelving a new coat of paint, too.

Image via House Beautiful

What I like best about my little room is the ability to close it off and hide the clothes awaiting ironing. I'd say these barn doors accomplish the same thing beautifully.

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