Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roll out the barrel ...

If it is possible to truly love something inanimate, I'll must confess my undeniable love for barrel ceilings. Simply gazing at their beauty makes me weak in the knees.

Image via Prairie Design Build

A visit to a remarkable restaurant in Rome convinced me that a barrel vaulted ceiling covered in brick was a thing of timeless beauty and elegance.

Image via Houzz.

Ever since then, I'm always amazed when I think about the architectural engineering required for a bricked barrel vault, also known as a tunnel vault or a wagon vault. Barrel vaults, while known from Ancient Egypt, were used extensively in Roman architecture.

Image via La Maison Fou.

While brick may be stunning, wooden barrel ceilings are a bit more practical and far less expensive.

Image via HGTV Remodels.

Even painted barrel ceilings add dimension and volume to an otherwise cookie-cutter space.

Image via Splean Club.

And, with the vast array of faux paint treatments available, that simple arch can be a spectacular design addition to any home. Images below via My San Antonio (left) and On The Wall Faux Designs (right).


Add coffered panels to that barrel vault, and I'm delirious!

Image via Belle Maison, Inc.

Be still my heart!

Image via Flickr Hive Mind.

Okay, so I don't have a barrel ceiling anywhere in my home. But, I want the look. I think my best solution is below.

Image via Trouvais.

We do have a cathedral ceiling like the one above. So, I think the addition of wood framed barrel vaults (like those above) would add the drama and architectural interest I'm after.

Image via Houzz.

I'm beginning to think that even flat ceilings can be enhanced with a simple, arched brow, a little trim moulding and accent paint. It may not be a barrel vault, but it certainly adds drama. Be still my heart!

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Melinda said...

Thank you! These are beautiful!!

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