Sunday, July 1, 2012

Denim dreams ...

The popularity of denim dates back long before Jacob Davis, a Nevada tailor, asked Bavarian-born Levi Straus for financial help in patenting his blue jean pants in 1873.

The word denim is an Americanization of the French name 'serge de Nimes,' a fabric which originated in Nimes, France during the Middle Ages. 'De Nimes' evolved into 'Denim,' and we've been obsessed with its durability and comfort ever since.

Americans actually can't lay claim to the origination of the word 'jeans' either. Italian sailors from Genoa wore cotton trousers, and the French called Genoa and the people who live there, 'Genes.' The name 'jeans' was applied to the Italian sailors' pants as well.

Image via chef Jamie Oliver.

But, with a bit of ingenuity, denim has transformed into accessories and interior finishes that are both practical and fun.


Images above via Juxtapost (left) and Day Home Collection (right).

The rugged cotton twill has a long and glorious history in fashion, and is proving equally charming on tabletops, pillow forms and assigned to covering walls.


Images above via Elle Decor (left) and Apartment Therapy (right).

I'm particularly fond of denim upholstery.  It's unexpected and lessens the stuffy formality when used on ornate furniture styles.

Images above and below via lifestyle brand, Ceannis.

As in upholstery, denim paint treatments are as varied as those who dive into creative applications. With silver accents, these walls can be amazing backdrops.

Images via Inspired Interiors.

Ralph Lauren’s paint collection can bring the casual look of a comfortable pair of jeans to your walls. Lauren has a great tutorial online so you can master the 'weaving' technique before you begin. Check it out here.

Image via Ralph Lauren.

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