Saturday, July 28, 2012

London calling ...

It would be great fun to be in London for the Olympics right now. Instead I'll be watching the coverage on television and hoping to get a glimpse of one of the world's great cities between sporting events.

To get in the spirit of this UK travel destination, a clever London map bracelet might be just the ticket! 

Image via M. Kaboodle

But, it's always the Union Jack flag that catches my eye. My alma mater, Winston Churchill High School, was represented by Great Britain's flag, so it's no wonder that I feel a bond with this iconic symbol.

Image via Chic Little Blog

A few weeks ago, I posted about the use of flags represented in decor. Designers across the globe are fond of using these international symbols to accessorize spaces.

Images above via Home Life (left) and Not On The High Street (right).

I'm not advocating using an actual flag. After all, there is protocol for the display of real flags. What I am particularly fond of is the stylistic flag imagery found in contemporary upholstered pieces. And, from the extensive use of the Union Jack in interior decor, it's an apparent favorite everywhere.  

Image via Vivienne Westwood

Designers like Vivienne Westwood have even translated the symbol into uber chic wallcoverings. I can see the appeal of the weathered flag design in spaces intimate or grand.

Images above via Decor 8 (left) and Ideeli (right).

But, if you really want to heed London's call, is there anything more symbolic than a British phone box?

While I doubt that many Londoners decorate their flats with kitschy symbols, they do indeed have a style all their own.

Check out the 'London Style Guide' by Saska Graville for a pictorial stroll through some of London's fabulous residential and commercial interiors.

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