Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hurrah for honeycomb ...

Today's Bastille Day commemoration reminded me of Paris, and when thinking of Paris, a sweet purchase made during my last visit came to mind: the most perfect honey I've ever tasted! La Maison du Miel at 24 rue Vignon in the 9e carries a staggering selection of honey from the best honey-producing regions of the world, and I fell in love with their Miel de Lavande.

Image via La Maison du Miel, Paris.

Definitely check out the vast selection of scrumptious honey flavors if you are anywhere near this 'House of Honey.'

Following my winding train of thoughts, honey made me think of how interesting honeycomb has become as a design element in recent years.

Image via West Elm.

From West Elm's honeycomb Hive Vases (above) to honeycomb Italian glass tiles by Evit (below), there are some really sweet home decor elements that have captured my attention.

Image via Evit.

Image via Mosaic Tile Stone.

I have been a forever fan of hexagon shapes in tile, but it's taken me some time to acquire a taste for these graphics recaptured from Mid-Century Modern roots.

Image via Distinctive Design Interiors.

Designers across the globe have been inspired by the honeycomb motif. There are so many fabulous finds in home goods and personal accessories.

A few of my favorite honeycomb treats include those above: 1. Mason stacking chair from NYC Bed; 2. Vase from My DHO; 3. Beehive Hose Holder from Wisteria; and 4. Silver honeycomb flask from Engraved Flasks.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Wow! This Registan Square window in Samarkand, Uzbekistan with honeycomb design is amazing. I'd love to buzz around this fabulous place and see more!

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