Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flag waving ...

Americans are a patriotic bunch when it comes to waving the national flag. Citizens of every country are equally as proud of their flags, too. So, it comes as no surprise that national pride is showcased in a variety of interior settings across the globe.

Image via Classic Casual Home.

I wonder why red, white and blue flags are most prominent? It must have been the vegetable dyes that were more readily available in earlier times.

Images above via Coastal Style Living (left) and Horchow (right).

Okay, I get the historical access to these colors. But, why is it that red, white and blue flags are more often used in interior decor? The British Union Jack, America's Old Glory, the French Le Drapeau Tricolore and Australian flags (the list goes on and on) are just a few of the examples.

Image via Jenny Wolf Interiors.

Even the bold Swiss flag with its red background and white cross is stunningly used to inspire interior elements.

Image of the Flag Chair from Howe, London.

The monochromatically reversed Swiss flag became the symbol of the Red Cross Movement, founded in 1863 by Henri Dunant and is a hot home goods trend today.

Image via Centsational Girl.

I even like flags that aren't actually flags. You know, those oddly compelling combinations of stars and stripes in various forms that create a sense of valor and accomplishment.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

There are great looking flags taking up residence in homes everywhere, including nautical and signal flags that bring in color and history. 

Image via Classic Casual Home.

International signals used by ships at sea are very trendy and look fabulous in lake cottages and beach bungalows. You may want to check out the wealth of online flag decor from Etsy vendors here.

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