Saturday, July 7, 2012

Boho chic ...

When I think of 'bohemian chic,' I think of fearless individualists who surround themselves with vivid colors and abundant patterns. I am not one of those brave souls, but they do inspire me.

Image via Home and Decor.

Three very good friends are enthusiastic boho devotees. It's not because they intentionally decorated their abodes in this particular style, but rather, their interiors evolved from a bold personal style, an overflow of flea market finds and a reluctance to leave a bargain behind.

Images via Chic Geek.

What followed was a design style that captured their gypsy essence, courageous color choices and flair for drama. Oh, how these 'devil may care' attitudes give personality to what might be otherwise bland spaces.

Image via All Things Shabby.

You'll never hear these ladies ask, "Does this 'go' together?" Nope. What I hear when shopping with them is more akin to "Oh my gosh, I've got to have this!"


Images above via All Things Shabby (left) and Anthropologie (right).

Each of these friends 'color outside of the lines' in so many ways. They are all very creative people, as you might guess. And, while I am creative, I relish in a sense of order that prohibits too much 'stuff' from lying about.

Image via Heights of Fashion.

To me, boho chic is often controlled chaos, teetering between brilliance and mayhem. While it may all seem so random, I've watched my buddies spend hours moving one item from place to place before settling on 'the' right spot for an accessory.

Image via Elle Decor.

Extensive collections often seem to be part of a boho chic environment. From books to sewing boxes, vintage cooking utensils to miniature framed art, every bohemian soul seems to be drawn to favorite items amassed over a period of time.

Image of J. Morgan Puett house via Pia Jan Bijkerk.

Since I can't step outside of my 'Virgo' nature, I'm destined to appreciate boho chic decor in other's homes. I have an anti-hoarding rule that is not conducive to keeping a lot of possessions (dinnerware and fabric are the exceptions). You see, when I view all this stuff, my head begins to spin just thinking about dusting all of these objects of desire!

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