Saturday, July 7, 2012

A blush of color ...

You might call it nude or pale pink. I think of that slightest hint of rosy tint as 'blush.' And, oh how lovely this whisper of color can be as the main attraction or in delicious accessories!

Kiss, kiss to the bevy of beauties below. These are so feminine and chic. I love each and every one.

Image via Dillard Design.

Image via Kristin Vining Photography.

Image via Cher Cabulas.

Image via Decor de Provence.

Image via Design Labyrinth.

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

Image via Elle Decor.

Image via Tutus and Stilettos.

I know my husband would not pick 'blush' as his first choice for a room's color scheme, but I think I may just suggest it for our Paris apartment, that is, if we ever own one!

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