Saturday, June 2, 2012

White, hot summer ...

The rules of etiquette state that white MAY be worn after Easter. My rule is that white MUST be worn after Easter, and all summer long. It's my wardrobe staple and an absolute at home. Now, I just need to busy myself to lighten every room's palette with a white touch for the season.

Image via interior designer Jan Showers.

There's no need for a white color scheme to be bland. White decor loves bursts of vivid color to keep things interesting.


But, white is also serenely comfortable as a basis for a monochromatic space. I'm in love with the room above by Miami interior designer Briggs Edward Solomon.

Image via Kathleen Clements Design.

Just bring in bits of natural elements to pair with white decor for a relaxing dose of crisp, casual beauty, like Kathleen Clements has done here. Love her style


Images above via Desde My Ventana (left) and Elements of Style (right).

Image via Color Outside The Lines.

The space above is filled with an eclectic charm. I love the juxtaposition of antique and modern elements, zebra prints and handcrafted quilts, striped floors and tole painting. This room is a bohemian beauty that could keep its cool throughout the summer.

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