Friday, June 22, 2012

Vase and water ...

What touch could be more simple and chic than vase, water and flowers? Whether as a gift or as a personal decorator touch, beautifully fragrant blooms are part of summer's bounty that we can bring indoors to admire and enjoy.

Image via British Homes and Gardens.

There's no need for an elaborate arrangement to create a beautiful vignette. 

Image from designer Erin Fetherston's Paris apartment.

Stop by the flower shop for a bouquet of seasonal beauties. I've taken a cue from the florist and now arrange flowers in the palm of my hand to shape the bouquet's height. Then, I trim all stems evenly from the bottom.

Image by photographer James Carriere.

Select a vase based on the size of your bouquet. Add room temperature water and a bit of plant food/preservative. 


Images above via My Wedding Flower Ideas (left) and On Home Design (right).

I have a wide selection of glass vases - short and tall, slim and wide, round and square, to accommodate just about any size floral bouquet. I keep a dozen or so identical, small glass vases just for dinner parties so I can amass them for centerpieces.

Image via Hit Decor.

I would love to have year-round access to cut flowers from my gardens. That would be one extravagance that would be on my wish list. 

Flickr image from the Head Gardener's Office at the Lost Garden's of Heligan, Cornwall.

But, alas, an occasional gift bouquet from my husband must fill in the gaps between growing seasons and special occasions.

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