Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rabbit rave ...

I adore the Cottontail rabbits that live in our yard!

I could spend hours watching them as they hop along our garden path - playing, nibbling grass and evading the interest of our dog.

The bunnies have become so accustomed to us that we can walk right next to them as we go about our garden chores.

There is something truly lovable in their sweet disposition and inquisitive faces that melts my heart.

So, of course, I'm smitten with just about any object that appeals to my 'bunny love,' and it's great to see tributes from others as well.

Bunny in bronze. Image via Radio Cole.

What a face! I just want to hug him and squeeze him and put pretty bows in his hair!

Image via Garden Swag.

I would love to invite rabbits to my dinner table. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not suggesting they be 'dinner' (I know they're tasty, but we won't talk of that here!). 

Image via Mountain Breaths.

I really like their presence on the tabletop, like these whimsical napkin rings in bunny shapes.


Images above via Kozoil-Shop (left) and Oh Little Rabbit (right).

The acrylic rabbit rings are charming, and I adore the screen-printed cotton napkins.

Caskata Canape Plates. Image via Nothing New Treasures.

But, my favorite has to be these precious rabbit plates. And, no, you may not use them to serve rabbit stew, so don't even ask!

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