Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nick Gentry's art from obsolete ...

London artist Nick Gentry focuses on the use of obsolete media as the canvas for his captivating paintings. Influenced by what he describes as "the development of consumerism, technology and cyberculture in society," Gentry recycles floppy disks and other technological artifacts to create compelling images in the vein of urban street art.

I love Gentry's social commentary on the pace of technology and what we once  deemed necessary that no longer fulfills a purpose.

But, isn't one man's trash a treasure to another? I would certainly treasure any of his art!

Check out Gentry's newest work and exhibition schedule on his website here.

All images via Nick Gentry.

1 comment:

Krystina said...

I love the practice of recycling objects to make a new piece of art! Very creative...thanks for sharing!

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