Saturday, June 16, 2012

Manly metals ...

Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads everywhere, especially my sweet husband!

My honey is always asking for more posts that appeal to the guys, so here's a little tribute to the most manly of materials, corrugated metal. I must admit that I'm really fond of it, too.

Image via EHow.

From roofing to siding ...

Image via Brett Nashville on Flickr.

... to fencing,

Image via Contractor Talk.

... corrugated tin and aluminium have made their way indoors.

Image via Remodelista.


Images above via Country Living (left) and Design Sponge (right).

Image via Jamon Metz on Flickr.

Who doesn't love the casual chic of a metal clad bar? 

Image via Bronwyn Long.

Sure, corrugated metal is a guy thing, but girls must love it, too. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain the decidedly feminine decorator touches in the most manly of rooms below!

Images above via Elle Decor.

How's that, honey?

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