Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting the hang of it ...

Hanging artwork can be tricky. Generally, my attempts leave more holes in the wall than art hanging on it. That's when a gallery wall makes hanging so much easier.

Image via Simple Everyday Glamour.

While there still needs to be some degree of placement planning, gallery walls offer freedom from a totally symmetrical aesthetic.

Image via Greige.

That's a boon to those who have 'nail' phobia. The other great thing about creating gallery walls is the freedom to ignore 'eye-level' hanging constraints. Who made that rule, anyway?


Images above via Focal Point (left) and First Home (right).

I love the unexpected art hung down to the floor, off-center placements behind other accessories or layered with multiple framed works.

Image via Charles Spada.

I'm also intrigued by temporary galleries, whether leaning on slender shelves or hung from uber convenient clipboards.

Image via New York design firm, Huniford.

I have so much artwork stored, that I must get serious about hanging more pieces.

Image via Design Indulgence.

Love this room's simple style and neutral canvas. A clean, crisp backdrop for art.

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