Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blueberry mornings ...

I love blueberry season! We're at the peak of the season here in central Texas, so I've been starting my mornings with an omelet and a handful of blueberrys each and every day. Yum!

Growing up, Mother would bake my Dad's favorite blueberry pies throughout the summer, and I would have nothing to do with them. Pies just never appealed to me all that much.

Image via The Italian Dish.

But, cakes and breads are another story. I believe I could eat my weight in blueberry muffins! Better still, I think I may just make some Lemon Blueberry Bread. I'll give you the recipe, but you'll have to make your own. I'm not sharing!

Makes two 9" x 5" loaves.

2 sticks butter, softened
2 2/3 cups, sugar, divided
4 cups all-purpose flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
4 large eggs
1 cup milk
3 cups blueberries
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour two 9" x 5" loaf pans.

In a large mixing bowl beat butter and 2 cups of the sugar on medium/high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt.

With mixer speed on low, add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition until well blended and scraping bowl down occasionally. Alternately add flour mixture and milk, mixing just until blended. Gently stir in the blueberries. Spoon batter into loaf pans.

Bake loaves 1 hour and 5 minutes (much less if baking in mini bundt cake pans like shown in the photo) or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Do not overbake loaves. Cool loaves in pans on wire rack 10 minutes and then remove from pans.

With skewer, prick top and sides of warm cake. In a small bowl, mix lemon juice and 2/3 cup sugar. With pastry brush, brush top and sides of warm cake with the lemon glaze. Cool cakes on wire rack.

For Blueberry Cream:
1 cup of whipping cream
1/2 cup blueberries
2 tablespoons confectioner's sugar (or regular sugar) to taste

Whip cream and sugar together, adding sugar and tasting until desired sweetness is reached. Add the blueberries and whip just a little, until the blueberries and just crushed and the whipped cream turns blue.

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Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! This recipe is a keeper. MAT

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