Saturday, June 23, 2012

Block prints ...

The kids are out of school, and you're looking for some super simple projects to keep them entertained. You've found the right spot to learn block printing basics.

Despite the fact that I detest styrofoam (so bad for Mother Earth!), at least this block printing project gives those take home food containers a second life beyond carrying leftovers.

Standard styrofoam food container provided by most restaurants.

Cut a square from the container's top.

Using a pencil, draw a design in the styrofoam.
Just remember: whatever you draw will be inverted in the final print
(if it faces left when you draw it, it will face right when its printed).
So, I suggest no words unless you can write backwards.

Press hard enough to create depressed channels when drawing.

With a roller, use ink or paint to cover the styrofoam design.

Immediately place paper of your choice over the design
and press firmly with your hand or weighted object, then remove paper carefully from edge.

Viola! A block print is born.

All photos via The Meta Picture.

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