Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stacking stuff ...

I'm just about over my Spring closet cleaning binge! Our family's over-accumulation of truly unnecessary things has left me with stacks of stuff ... books, artwork, photos, fabrics, event mementos ... well, the stacks go on and on.

Image via The Diversion Project.

After hauling donations a local thrift store, I'm just wondering if I could disguise the remainder as decor accessories.

Image via Sanctuary.

Every magazine photographer has some creative stylist with a gift for displaying junk like it's part of the Crown Jewels exhibit. I'm so jealous.


Images above via The Diversion Project (left) and Decor Pad (right).

What am I doing wrong? I've leaned framed art against the walls. Objects are stacked atop one another. But, somehow it all looks as if I'm readying for a garage sale.

Image via Chic My Shack.

I'm going to continue my quest for finding tabletops and wall space for all of my accumulated 'treasures.' After viewing enough decorating photos, I'm bound to learn the secrets to styling. Geez, how hard can it be?

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

If I can't master 'Stacking Stuff 101,' then I'm off to the donation station with the rest of the goods!

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