Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pool pleasures ...

It's not often that I dive into a pool and enjoy an afternoon of swimming (or in my case, playing and floating). Until the opportunity presents itself, I'll just imagine spending some time afloat in one of these stunning pools.

Image via Desde my Ventana.

If I'm going to spend some 'wish' time, I might as well go for grandeur! This pool is situated on a bluff in Asturias, looking over the Bay of Biscayne. It ranks near the top of my list of pool pleasures. Oh, there's so much more to love about Asturias, an autonomous community on the northern coast of Spain. That's why it's on my 'bucket list.'

Image via AnOther Mag.
 The soaking pool above, with submerged shelf and an infinity edge, is stunning.

Image via Best House Design.

The word 'serene' doesn't even begin to do these pools (above and below) justice. Relaxation at its best surrounded by drool-worthy scenery!

Image via Best House Design.

Image via Shelter.

I love the great vintage photo above. Just give me a raft, a cool beverage and a little music ... oh so happy! Some pleasures just stand the test of time.

Image via 22h22.

I never thought floating on my roof would be an option, but I must say it looks like fun. Just a little submersion to the bottom of the pool and you can see who's at the front door. Odd, but totally intriguing.

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