Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playhouses and Poppins ...

This Mother's Day, I'm wondering how my Mom survived my youth with her wits intact. It was a regular occurrence to see me jumping off the roof of my back yard playhouse with an umbrella in hand.

While I never conquered the horizontal glide of Mary Poppins, I pretty much excelled at the vertical drop! And, it's all because I had a playhouse built with my Dad's loving hands.

Playhouse almost identical to the one Dad constructed for me. Plans via L & R Designs.

My playhouse was an 'imaginarium,' a place that alternated between neighborhood zoo (primarily exhibiting Horned Toads, frogs, lizards and Lightning Bugs) and mudpie restaurant, launching pad (for parachuting) and kids' clubhouse. And when my teens arrived and my days at the playhouse ended, my Dad and uncle disassembled the structure, transported and reassembled it across town for my cousins to enjoy.


Images above via Jason Brooks (left) and Melissa Snow Designs (right).

A playhouse can be anything that is large enough to house an imagination. But, a little creativity in its design doesn't hurt either.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

You would not believe the number of times I have thought of adding a gypsy caravan on our property. Sure, I'm all grown up but that would not stand in my way of having a playhouse just for fun.

Image via Web Urbanist.

If there is ever a grandchild in our future, I'm thinking a seafaring galleon might be a great project for my amazingly talented husband.

Image via Inhabitots.

Far easier to construct and a super colorful addition to the yard, the recycled milk crate house (above) is airy and adorable.

Image via Home Design Set.

For all the modern minimalists, there are a host of online playhouse designs that would please child and adult alike. The great thing about these structures are their adaptability as guest quarters or entertainment spaces once they've finished serving the children's needs.


Photos above via Nice Decors.

Images above of the “Polyhedron Habitable” designed by Colombian architect Manuel Villa show a relaxing space in his back yard in Bogota. Makes me long for a bit of playtime, and I promise not to jump!

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Pam Zimmerman said...

Thank you for the memories, playhouse still at mom's house

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