Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the menu: Watermelon Margaritas

Our Memorial Day barbeque menu is set, and with the help of the folks at Anthropologie, I now have a great summer drink to serve, too. When I saw the recipe for Watermelon Margaritas in their A Magazine, I knew it was perfectly suited for our little holiday celebration.

Image via Anthropologie's A Magazine.

Let's hope it's as good as it looks! Here's the skinny ... I bet it's equally refreshing without the alcohol.


3 cups fresh seedless watermelon pulp
1 cup fresh lime juice
2 cups simple syrup
1 1/2 cups premium silver tequila
1/2 cup triple sec
3 cups ice

Place watermelon in a bowl and use a potato masher to extract as much juice as possible. Transfer pulp and juice to a pitcher and add lime juice, simple syrup, triple sec and tequila. Stir. Add 3 cups of ice and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Stir and serve over ice.

The creators of this recipe, twin sisters Janeen Walker and Josette Christie, who are the proprietors of the Bahamian cafĂ©, the Blu Bungalow, noted that this makes a lot. Don't know exactly how much that is, but we'll make our best effort to finish off the goods before sundown.


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