Saturday, May 12, 2012

Memory lanes ...

Since Mother's Day is making me feel a bit nostalgic, thoughts of bowling balls are rolling around in my brain. It's not as odd as you may think.

For years, my parents bowled once a week in a league, and the images of bowling pins, shoes and bags are fixtures on Memory Lane. I'm not sure I'm as fond of these relics, but it is fun seeing others discover these emblems of a bygone era.

Images above via Adidas.

While shopping in Paris a couple of years ago, I noticed that every shoe shop window was filled with what appeared to be bowling shoes. What? Are you kidding me? Adidas and other manufacturers had convinced a non-bowling public that these were chic and très pratique!


Images above via Luxist (left) and Colin Stuart Shoes (right).

The bowling influence continues to be felt with purses evolved from bowling bags and stilettos that carry rental shoe DNA.

Image via Steelcase.

There has been a sustained movement to recycle bowling alley floors. Tables large and small, reclaimed wood counters, along with wine carts and racks are just a few of the many clever projects that take advantage of the handsome lanes.

Image above via Southern Finds.

Images above via Jer's Organizing & Decluttering News (left) and Decor8 (right).

Vintage bowling pins are in high demand, too. In their natural state or decorated by clever crafters, there is a seductive quality to these curvy companions. 

Image via Noodle and Lou Studio.

And, when a serious creative attack occurs, bowling pins can fulfill bold design urges with artistic flair!

Image via Art Car Central.

This all strikes happy memories ...

Image via The Wacky Tacky.

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Krystina said...

I love the bowling pins remade into Christmas decorations. We need to put this on a project list for the future!

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