Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gone to the dogs ...

Ever since I took my first steps as a babe, there has been a dog at my side. I can't imagine life without a wagging tale and wet nose to lift my spirits each and every day. With or without a pampered pooch, everyone can enjoy a canvas canine (and, you can put away the broom, these don't shed!).

Image via Avocado Sweet.

'The Dogs' Restaurant in Edinburgh brings smiles to diners with gleeful pups taking center stage as wall decor. 


Interior designer Jill Tran gave the sitting room (above, left) a feature wall that focuses on a distinguished dog. At right (above), Nasmiyal confirms that every house with a Great Dane garners attention.

Image via the White Dog Cafe.

I find it fascinating that so many grand cafes, like the White Dog Cafe (above), feature prestigious pups as wall art. Maybe the little darlings make us feel relaxed and comforted.

Image via interior designer Jennifer Brouwer.

Pup art pop art is a major contributor to Jennifer Brouwer's casual bedroom design. This little fellow reminds me of sneaking my dog into my room and bed (which was a no-no) when Mom and Dad weren't looking!


Above, canine cartoon silhouettes contribute to the cheery decor (left). Image via Eco Chic. There's no denying that dining with dogs seems to be de rigueur. Image (above, right) via New England Home Magazine.

Image via unknown. 

Totally modern chic apartment with Bowzer posed in black and white.

Image via Haus of Hinton.

Interior designer Allison Sharp has hung candid photos above a breakfront to keep the memory of man's best friend visible. Love these sweet shots.

A tennis ball has just been delivered onto my lap, so it's time for a game of fetch. Life is indeed better with furry friends around!

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