Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dancin' with yo' mamma ...

It could have been the stovetop shuffle, water pitcher waltz or table setting tango, but every day of my youth was always a day of dancing in our kitchen. I can close my eyes and see my aproned Mom swaying with the music on the radio. Before I knew it, I was her dance partner and featured singer.

It was a tiny kitchen by today's standards, and almost identical to the photo above, but it was filled with music, laughter, dancing, love and food.  I'm guessing that must be why I equate food with happiness, and why kitchens are always my favorite room in a house. 

Image by Jessica LaGrange Interiors.

Each time I see a dream kitchen, I wonder if it has plenty of dancing room. You see, my own children grew up in the very same way, singing and dancing in our kitchen, too.

Image via Pinterest. I lust for a brick tiled, barrel ceiling!

Every one of these beauties cause me to sigh and think of how much fun they could be when my own children come to visit. How could anyone be a wallflower in these kitchens?

Image from the book 'Segreto, Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors' by Leslie Sinclair.

I'm just going to sit back and hum a few tunes while remembering Mom on this Mother's Day and look at beautiful kitchens that will serve as more inspiration for a future kitchen remodel at my house. 

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Diane Bergeron Interiors.

Image via Vignette Design.

Image via Vogue.

And, Mom, I'm thinking of you, too ... cheers to the fondest of memories! You, your great zest for life and cherished cooking are truly missed.

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