Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chain gang ...

Working on a chain gang may be tougher than you think. For artist Yeong Deok Seo, his chain sculptures take form as a result of extraordinary creativity, fastidious attention to detail and months of planning and execution.

To know the sublime topography of the human body is masterful. Transforming that knowledge from bicycle chains into human form is brilliant. 

Korean artist Yeong-Deok Seo welds bicycle chains and industrial steel chains  to create imposing figurative sculptures that relate stories of the human condition.


Much of the artist's work reflects upon the fragmented world we live in. Some of his pieces lie on the ground and some of their parts are fragmented - broken, yet still beautiful - a mirror image of life that is both turmoil and triumph.

He spent an entire year welding a mile of bike chains, worth nearly $40,000, into a sculpture of a giant head over 24' tall. 


Yeong-Deok Seo graduated from the department of Environmental Sculpture at the University of Seoul in 2010 and is currently exhibiting across the globe.

His latest project 'Dystopia' is currently touring the world, having been exhibited in Seoul and most recently shown at the SODA art gallery in Istanbul.

All photos via Yeong-Deok Seo.

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