Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That sinking feeling ...

It happens every time the seasons change. I begin lusting after every potting sink I see. Perhaps, there is a hormonal imbalance that pulls me to concrete, stone, porcelain and metals. Call a doctor, I'm head over heels for sinks ... indoors and out.

Image via Content in a Cottage.

Since there is no vaccine for this illness, we added an outdoor potting sink next to my husband's workshop last spring. It's easily accessible from my studio, so it has been a convenience for each of us as we work in the yard or on messy projects in our creative spaces.

Images above via The Inside Story (left) and Greige (right).

While our three-well potting sink is a very practical metal, it isn't a stone beauty like these. Ooh ... these make me drool (a symptom of my sink swooning, no doubt!)

Images above via Tumblr (left) and unknown (right).

In a previous post I wrote last year, I featured some indoor beauties with large farmhouse wells that can handle big jobs with ease.

Image via Better Homes & Gardens.

A potting sink can be a real joy inside when arranging flowers or rinsing vegetables from the garden. In a utility room or butler's pantry, that extra sink can assist with entertaining duties, too. (Makes a hefty well for icing bottles of favorite beverages!)

Image via House and Leisure.

Vintage, industrial sinks may well be among my favorites. I just can't deny my attraction to the beauty below. It seems so welcoming with its communal size and offering of crisp white towels in handcrafted baskets. Charming!

Image via Bun Rab.

There's no cure for my malady - and chronic sink lust is truly draining, so I'll just try to inoculate myself with these visions. Ahh, I'm feeling better already!

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