Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re-cycling parts ...

I'm always amazed at the ingenuity of artists who see the value and beauty in recycled bicycles and random parts. Now, I wish I hadn't sold my old bike. It still had a lot of miles left as seating, an art installation or scrap material for crafting.

Image via Feniture.

If I only had a few bike wheel assemblies with pedals intact, then, my friends and I could belly up to the bar, drink and nibble while burning those excess calories at the same time. Even those long hours at my desk could be an opportunity to spin throughout the day.

Image via Curated Magazine.

I also think the spinning hands of a clock are a perfect complement to the bicycle wheel spokes.

Image via I Greenspot.

When there's ample room to incorporate an entire bike, some DIYers have come up with really ingenious ways to dress up interior spaces.

Image via Tumblr.

It's fun to imagine ways to incorporate a bike in its artistic form. I featured several creative lighting fixtures made from bike parts in a previous post, but recently found the vintage jewel below that makes me feel happy, too.

Image via Recyclart.

A carrousel is a very innovative approach to combining several bicycles. You may not travel far, but what a great group exercise.

Image via Toxel.

Lesson learned: keep those old bicycle parts. You never know when a DIY project may require a wheel or two.

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wahoo said...

Those look amazing. They have given bicycle parts a new leash on existence. I am very impressed.

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