Saturday, April 28, 2012

One lump or two ...

I can't say that I actually participate in the ritual of afternoon tea, but that doesn't mean I lack a cupboard full of vintage teacups.

Image via Core 77 Design Magazine.

Au contraire, I am the apparent heir to all family teacups - a collection of random and mismatched beauties with unfulfilled promise.

Image via Captivatist.

Sure, I could line them all up in stacked rows, each a bit askew and call it art, or make a lovely, tidy screen to block a less than perfect view.

Image by designer Bernhard Stellmacher.

But, I have to say that lighting is my absolute favorite upcycled use for vintage teacups. I am in love with the cups and saucers that are affixed to the wood shelf above, serving as warm and welcoming accent lighting.


Images above via Bonasera (left) and Neatorama (right).

With easy-to-use lamp wiring kits, anyone can turn teacups and saucers into pendants for task lighting or even chandeliers for unforgettable, general ambient light sources.

Image above via Rebekah Podgorski.

Image above via WebEcoist.

The really creative among us may want to try their hand with more advanced projects like those shown below. Stacked teacups make one-of-a-kind candelabras (via Marie Claire) and floor lamps like those featured on the Calamity Kim  blog (right).


I can see that tools and finesse are both required to manufacture table lamps, too.


Images above via Sweet Paul (left) and Anthropologie (right).

Image via Thrift Town.

Here's what I've decided to do with my teacups (at least in the short term.) I think I'll make candles like those above. What a pretty touch on the mantle or grouped together as a table centerpiece. Candle kits are available at almost every craft store. Just be sure to use the best wax and wicks you can find. I prefer beeswax to other waxes, and it comes in a starter kit at Michaels (in store and online).

Click here for Thrift Town's quick tutorial on making teacup candles.

Image via Tea Coffee Books on Tumblr.

I haven't counted the random teacups in my possession, but let's just say that it's time to downsize or put these to a new use!

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Krystina said...

As a huge fan of tea, I love designer Bernhard Stellmacher's lights! Some inspiration for the future!

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