Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's get stoned ...

I know one thing that would please me beyond words ... laying a stone floor as part of any future kitchen remodeling.

Image via Atelier Turner.

Sure, stone stains easily, and I can forget about saving anything glass that may land on the floor. But, I adore the way stone floors feel under foot, and their beauty is unparalleled in my eyes.

Image via All About You.

In a hot climate like ours, I can't think of any flooring material (other than concrete, perhaps) that can keep its cool during in our steamy summers.

Image via Fox Floors.

And, there are so many stone choices. I must admit that limestone, slate and honed marble are among my favorites.


Images left and above via Katy Elliott.

My only dilemma might be choosing between cut stone in large tiles or retaining the natural curves and rugged edges.

Image via The Wyvern Manor.

I must be an old soul from some ancient civilization. Age old materials, and in particular stone, are so comforting ... perhaps a past life connection. Do I seem Phoenician to you?

Image of Wrigley Memorial.

The ultimate luxury would be a driveway laid with stones. But, I'm going to have to settle for our pergola's sandstone flooring and a couple of stone walkways in our garden ... at least for the foreseeable future.

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