Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In blue hues ...

When I decorated my studio with hints of blue, it was a way to create a calm, nurturing space for creativity. I find that little bits of blue here and there are a relaxing antidote for the hectic lives we live.

Image of Pacific Palisades house by interior designer Madeline Stuart.

A good way to test your level of color tolerance is to simply do what I did and incorporate a few blue accent pieces. Artwork, lamps and decorative pillows are subtle entrees into blissful blue hues, and they can be changed with ease and at little expense.

Image via Room Service.

When it's time to really jump into those blue waters, I think I would gravitate to a blue sofa. I've never met a blue sofa that didn't appeal to me. 

Image via Modern Sofa Designs.

While blue is a very mellow fellow, I think it's also a bold and memorable design choice. A blue sofa will dominate a room - becoming an unforgettable piece no matter what else the room holds.

Image by interior designer Carter Tyberghein.

I'm fond of a vast array of shades, fabrics and styles to complement any design scheme, with silks and velvets at the top of my materials list.

Image via Decor Pad.

Even in a room full of character, blue can command attention. It's a friendly color that loves to keep company with just about any other shade.

Image via China Shepherdess.

I really like the way blue seating is often paired with wall art. Maybe every gallery should consider a few blue blazes of color.

Image via Design Manifest.

When I'm feeling blue, it's not a bad thing. Around my home loving eyes and endless clear skies are awash in blue hues, so it's really a color that speaks to my heart. It's the color of love!

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