Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fiesta colors ...

One of the things I love about San Antonio's annual Fiesta is how our residents capture the cultural revelry at home.

Image via The Cascaron Store.

From front doors festooned with wreaths, paper flowers and ribbons to interiors that are party ready with dinner tables set for company, just about everyone gets into the spirit of Fiesta by hosting friends and family during the annual celebration.

Image via Dream Villa Mexico.

Last year, I posted about decorating the Fiesta table and shared links with you to all of our city's annual celebration events in my Passport to Fiesta.

But, in case you missed it, here's the skinny: For eleven days each April, San Antonio is in full party mode with festivals, parades, carnivals and fun-filled family events hosted in venues throughout the city. This merriment has a distinct Mexican influence so beloved that this annual rite of spring finds its way into our hearts and homes year-round.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Defined by the use of bold hues, rich textures and a playful spontaneity, festive decor takes its cue from vibrant woven serapes in a kaleidescope of colors.

Image via BHouse.

Nothing adds more punch than brightly patterned fabrics.

Images above via Oaxaca Born (left) and Pics Decor (right).

Daring wall color manifests the Fiesta spirit and serves as a compelling backdrop for artwork. 

Image via The Globe and Mail.

Without reupholstering the sofa or painting the walls, the easiest way to give a home some Fiesta finery is with the addition of accents. Textiles happen to be my favorite.

I keep a stock of table runners, serapes and napkins on hand for entertaining, but love pillows, too. I have a sizable collection of fabric that I've acquired on previous shopping trips to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in years past, so I may have to start a new sewing project or two.

We hosted our Fiesta dinner party last weekend, so I'm too late to have them finished for this year's festivities, but there's always Cinco de Mayo!

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Krystina said...

I would love to have that couch from BHouse and put it in a reading room for inspiration! Great blog!

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