Thursday, April 5, 2012

Branching out ...

Tree branches are now adorned with their spring blossoms, reminding me of how striking budding branches can be as floral arrangements.

Image via Newlywed Diaries.

Just a few branches and a simple vase makes a wonderfully artistic display.

Image via Style at Home.

It's not only Dogwoods and Cherry Blossoms that have star quality. Every flowering tree has the goods to take center stage.

Image via Restyling Home.

In Texas, the list of flowering trees is extensive. Some of my favorites with graceful branching characteristics include the Saucer Magnolia, Mexican Plum, Anacacho Orchid, Scarlet Flowering Quince, and the Forest Pansy Redbud.


Images above via A Bloom in Time (left) and Housewears (right).

Any vessel is suitable for hosting branches, but I have to say that the surprise of seeing a floral arrangement in a wooden box or woven basket is always fun. I just slip a vase inside of the basket, fill with water and add the branches.

Image via Design Decor Staging.

Once the flowers begin to drop, I still enjoy the barren branches for a while before giving them new duties. I've saved a number of branches by cutting the thinner growth and retaining the main stem. Now, I have a supply of 'sticks' for future craft and decorating projects.

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