Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's blooming: spring colors

The wildflowers are covering the roadways throughout Texas, and abundant blooms have popped up everywhere in our gardens at home. Just one step out our door and everything is awash in the colors of spring.

Images by Alamodeus of spring 2012. Flowers in our gardens include: (from top)
Alstroemeria; White Autumn Sage; Colombine in purple, crimson, and white. 

Images by Alamodeus of spring 2012. More annual flowers in our gardens include:
Coral Vine; Larkspur; and Poppies.

Images by Alamodeus of spring 2012. Wildflowers in our gardens include some lovely, but unidentified lilac-colored small flowers growing happily with the Texas Bluebonnets. The splendid fragrance and flowering blossoms of our Wisteria is about finished, and now, the vines have begun to leaf out, creating a perfectly shaded spot for relaxation and entertaining.

I didn't photograph the Wisteria in bloom this year because I have dozens upon dozens of photos already like the one below from 2011.

Image by Alamodeus of our Wisteria-draped pergola.

But, if you would like to see a couple of my previous posts on our experience with growing Wisteria. You can read all about them in posts entitled: "Knock some scents into me" and "Social climbers".

Happy gardening!


Krystina said...

So gorgeous! Makes my heart glow thinking about how beautiful you all have made the backyard!!

Patti said...

Your pergola draped with Wisteria is beautiful!!! Would love something like this in my yard!!!

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