Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snoozing in the breeze ...

The early days of spring are drawing me outdoors to garden and play, so why not to sleep? I've been known to take a refreshing cat nap under the Wisteria at my pergola, however, there's nothing better than a restful night on a sleeping porch.

Image via Metropolitan Home.

It's been years since my BFF and I spent time as teens up at her family's lake house. It was the best of times bedded down on the sleeping porch listening to the water lapping up on the boat dock.

Image via Under The Gables.

Even the occasional rainstorm provided a musical lullaby on the porch's metal roof and the cool mist added the perfect chill for snuggling under the hand-stitched bed quilts.

Image via The Hynes Cabin.

For me, sleeping porches are also a reminder of the fun camping trips I had as a Girl Scout, bonding with buddies - sharing ghost stories and sing-alongs in the dark of night.

Image via P. Allen Smith.

Sleeping porches offer all the best of a rustic retreat with all the benefits of modern convenience. I just cannot imagine any bedroom that could be as soothing and relaxing as sleeping in nature's embrace. And, screened porches eliminate the worry about creepy crawlies. Thank heavens!

Image via Pottery Barn.

There are so many adorable ways to decorate a sleeping porch, too. The furnishings from Pottery Barn (above and below) create a breezy, casual look that is at once charming and welcoming.

Image via Pottery Barn.

If the opportunity arises to one day build a vacation cottage, you can bet that a sleeping porch will be in the blueprints!

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