Saturday, March 3, 2012

The organized pantry ...

I am an obsessive organizer, and my kitchen pantry is no exception. Everything in its place, and a place for everything. That's my motto, and apparently many other homeowners are neatniks like me, too.

Image via Closet Solutions.

I love to see pantry shelving organized in a way that maximizes space. Who wouldn't appreciate pull out drawers and baskets, divided shelves and a clean, crisp white backdrop for storing away can goods and perishables in one spot?

Image via Country Living.

Okay, I know these photos capture a dream world where every container matches in size and shape, color and content, but even small pantries can be decluttered for maximum organization. But, I really do wish stores sold goods in matching containers so everything looked like a pantry in 'Pleasantville.' How's that for being obsessive?

Image via Shelterness.

Every great pantry has a common denominator. A door. It's the key to hiding away all of the goods we need to operate a cook's kitchen, particularly if keeping a pantry tidy is not your forte.

Image via Transgenerational.

I really wish I had new cabinetry that accommodates pull-out pantry drawers to house groceries. That's another item to add to my kitchen remodeling wish list, even though I do have a sizable walk-in pantry. Hey, you can never have too much storage.

Image via unknown.

What to do in a kitchen without a closet to call into pantry duty? If space is available, bring in an armoire to serve as a storage center. It's not very hard to alter an existing piece to meet the needs in a kitchen. 

Image via Organizing Options.

Several years ago, I visited an 'open house' in Fredericksburg, Texas with a friend and saw a pantry unit like the one above. It was beautiful and housed an array of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to canned and boxed goods. This is very similar to what my Northern ancestors called a 'larder' ... a cool storage place they had for perishable foods.

Image via JGB Interiors.

Sometimes groceries never make it to a pantry, due to lack of space or lack of effort. Either way, a vintage hutch or Hoosier Cabinet may be called into service. The utilitarian cabinet with it’s flour storage and sifter, sugar storage, and an enamel lined bread drawer is a perfect way to display goods and utensils in a kitchen with cottage decor.

Image via the Simplified Bee.

I think contemporary kitchens and butler's pantries are prime real estate for adding open shelving. Although, I think it might take greater effort to keep everything tidy.

Image of open restaurant design. Source unknown.

But, just look at how handsome open shelving is in a restaurant style kitchen. Beautiful! While the image above may be more bar accessories and mixer ingredients, the same principals apply to any pantry. I like to think of it in Montessori terms, 'beauty, harmony and order.'

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