Saturday, March 24, 2012

Linocut prints ...

Have you ever seen the linocut prints created by artist and printmaker Amanda Colville? She uses an old washing mangle as a press to make incredible images using shapes and patterns cut on a lino block.

Her Mangle Prints are featured on her website here.  If you love her art, and who wouldn't, you can also visit her Facebook page to see her most current work.

I'm quite inclined to buy some of her pieces, but I'm torn between which ones. There are so many to love.

Thankfully, Amanda's work can be purchased on Folksy and at the Mangle Prints shop on Etsy. I'm particularly drawn to her notecards below. Any recipient would love a letter that can be framed for keeping. 

All images above via Mangle Prints.

Someday, I would like to try my hand at the linocut process. The steps seem straightforward enough. It's like making a giant rubber stamp  ... 1) snag a piece of linoleum, 2) draw the design with a pencil, 4) cut along the drawn lines, and 5) ink the image. 

If the linocut medium is on your immediate to-do list, check out the Indyish website for easy-to-follow pictorial instructions by Canadian linocut artist Evelyne Bouchard.

I have no illusions of grandeur. Amanda's Mangle Prints are the mastery of the medium!

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