Saturday, March 3, 2012

If walls could talk ...

If my walls could talk, it would be a dismally boring conversation. I have to admit there's not a wall in the place that is anything outside of ordinary. But, that could change.

Image of a guest bath in the Greenwich Hotel, New York City.

I dream of a guest bathroom remodeling -- one that will make my cookie cutter bath feel like a European spa. That means marble, and I'm in love with the white and grey veining in Carrera stone. Sumptuous on walls, don't you think?

Image via Babble.

Who can resist the cottage charm of cedar shake siding? I'm thinking these walls must chant 'rest and relax' in tones inaudible to us. But, we sure can't miss the vibe.

Image via Wallpaper Space.

White walls no longer need to be boring. With access to giant wallpaper images, we can bring in architectural detail (above) or add artistic expression (below) to any wall.

Image via Brabourne Farm.

If I were just a little bit bolder, I might consider a handcrafted wall of recycled materials.

Image via Houzz.

Bottles have been cut and stacked with mortar to create this enviable powder room wall. It's rustic, elegant and truly swoon-worthy.

Image via Decor de Provence.

When someone asks about my favorite style, I always answer with 'Socrates meets High Tech.' I adore stone construction, but love modern conveniences. So, it should come as no surprise that I long for stone walls. I love them and really wish I had them in my home.

Image via Best House Design.

The dwelling above was a 12th century old mill reincarnated as living space. With that pedigree it's no wonder I'm swooning over its ancient walls of stone and brick. You really need to visit the link to see more of the rehab dwelling constructed by Jeronimo monks. These walls are certainly talking to me, and I'm definitely listening!

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