Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enamelware ...

I have the fondest memories of my favorite childhood plate made of porcelain enamel. Anything my maternal grandmother made and put in that plate was like manna from heaven.

Image of enamelware dish via Alamodeus.

Now that I think of it, I just realized what may have inspired my lifelong love of dishware! I'm thrilled to have that plate to this day ... and now it qualifies as an antique!

Image via Flickr.

I remember my paternal grandmother keeping a stash of cookies in a bygone era lunchbox made of enamel much like the one pictured above. It was so very charming and just a bit difficult for little hands to pry open. Smart cookie, that grandmother!

Images via various sources.

I doubt that early artisans would have guessed that melting powdered glass over metal would evolve from decorative arts and jewelry to enamelware for food service.

Image via Air Kiss.

I have several antique-loving friends that are drawn to porcelain enamel like flies to pie. These girls can seek out the most hidden pieces in a stuffed secondhand store with absolute precision.

Image via Making Macy.

What I find so clever is their ability to use enamelware in ways that are both decorative and unexpected ... for floral arrangements, fruit and vegetable displays, even to collect and store jewelry, mail, remote controls, etc. Brilliant!

Image of vintage Dansk kobenstyle pot. You can find many of these for sale on Etsy.

And, to think I simply use mine for cooking and serving. Boring, I know.

Images via Viva Terra (left) and Karma Living (right).

Image via Golden Rabbit.

But, if I had enamelware with some jazzy tole painting or witty design, I might be more inclined to use it for entertaining.

Image via Entertaining With Sky.

I'm quite inspired to add to my porcelain enamel collection just to host another seafood soiree and create a seaside table setting like the one above. 

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