Saturday, March 10, 2012

The beauty of brick ...

Brick is not a novel building material. Actually, brick is the oldest human manufactured flooring material, and its use dates back thousands of years. But, it is an obsession-worthy trend and my latest flooring infatuation.

Image via Color Outside The Lines.

Just think about roads and monuments that have been discovered dating all the way back to 1330 BC. I'm guessing that most kitchens and hallways (that see far less traffic) will withstand the test of time, too. 

Image of Stockholm loft via White & Wander.

But, it's the organic feel, sense of antiquity and natural beauty of a brick floor that makes me sigh.  I love the fact that brick is non-slip surface that takes wear and tear like no other material.

Images above via Alicia B. Designs (left) and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles (right).

Brick is mostly made of clay and shale that have been pressed together and fired in a kiln, making it super durable. And, while many floors use full bricks, others are comprised of brick tiles.

Image via Belgian Pearls.

'Sweep and you're done' is a definite selling point of brick floors. That ease of maintenance is certainly a factor in brick's appeal.

Antique French brick floor image via Design On My Mind.

It shares many of the visual and textural qualities of natural stone and lends itself to indoor and outdoor use. So, it's easy to seamlessly merge the two environments into one.

Image via unknown.

My favorite brick flooring is made from reclaimed brick that has been salvaged from buildings across the globe. I love the colors, textures and character of antique building bricks, and the fact that we can keep tons of materials out of our landfills is a real plus in my mind.

If you're interested in recycled brick, check out Gavin Historical Bricks. It's a brick reclamation company with a supply of beautiful antique brick. Now, I can add environmentally friendly to the list of brick attributes. 

Image via Things That Inspire.

The fact that it's equally at home with antiques or contemporary glass and metal makes brick a candidate for my future remodeling projects. Love it!

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Greet Lefèvre said...

Love this post about brick!! Here in Belgium we often use brick for inside the home!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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