Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shutter love ...

My mind keeps returning to some glorious shutters I saw in photographs from the House of Turquoise.

Image via The House of Turquoise.

I love the double set of shutters that cover the arched, double windows and French doors. What a yummy color to instill a tranquil island vibe. 

Image via The House of Turquoise.

In tropical climates, shutters offer practical protection from the elements, yet still allow necessary airflow.

Image via Pinterest.

But, you'll have to indulge my less-than-practical side for a moment. I know it would take oodles of paint coats to keep shutters looking as good as those above, but they really make a lovely screen. What a gorgeous way to keep inquisitive neighbors at bay and offer instant privacy.

Image via House Beautiful.

I'm all for recycling shutters. I've done it in my own home and love the way less-than-perfect paint lends characteristic age in this bath. I'm also quite fond of the wood paneled facade on the side of the tub.

Image via Aidan Gray.

Shutters turned bed headboard always resonate well with me, as do shutters for pure decorate effect on walls.

Image via Velvet & Linen.

Even a simple bookcase can be turned into a classically-styled armoire with the addition of shutters.

Image via DishFunctional Designs.

DIY storage solutions can make use of shutters in almost unlimited ways. A little imagination and a novice skill level are all that's needed to craft beautiful furnishings. 

Image via HGTV.

There's everything to love about this sofa table. It could also be topped with a sheet of glass to create a flat surface for any use. And, to think I've only been using my shutters on a window.

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