Saturday, February 25, 2012

Self service ...

Serving trays can be ever so humble, or they can exude personality. Unusual materials and paint treatments can make serving trays an art form unto themselves.

Image via unknown.

I like to use a variety of baskets to carry dinnerware, and I often enlist them into active duty at a buffet.

Image via A Beach Cottage.

There's no reason relegate vintage crates to museum status. I'm all for putting them into service as food and drink trays.

Image via The Creativity Exchange.

If you're looking for ways to create unique serving trays from everyday items, look no further than a cutting board. With the addition of interesting drawer pulls on either side, that dowdy old board becomes a lovely tray.

Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

Craft a tray from an old window by affixing your favorite fabric or wallpaper on the backside of the glass, then, give the frame a good sanding before applying a coat or two of gloss paint. Add drawer pulls to each end to finish the serving tray.

Image via Etsy.

Now, I know what to do with my collection of wine corks. I can glue those babies onto a reclaimed tray from the thrift store to create a conversation piece for my next soiree. There must be several dozen on Etsy for sale right now.

Image via Etsy.

No need to consult the spirits. Instead, add handles to a game board and load the new tray with spirits! The board may need some support. A 1/4" sheet of MDF will add sufficient strength to the backside of the board.

Image via CentSational Girl.

Every time I stop in at thrift stores, I find some rather dowdy trays waiting to be transformed into things of beauty. It only takes a small remnant fabric piece, some glue, sealer and a coat of paint to give that ugly ducking new life.

Image via Pinterest.

And, when that tray is no longer in use, give it a coat of blackboard paint and write a welcome message to guests. It dresses up a wall beautifully!

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