Saturday, February 4, 2012

Romantic lighting ...

Delicate light always reminds me of writer Ralph Waldo Emerson's eloquent assessment: "Light is the first of painters." I'm always intrigued by the way light's intensity can paint a space with shadows or bathe it in a glow of warm or cool tones. But, it's the lighting fixture itself that sets my heart aflutter.

Image via Etsy.

Chandeliers are artworks of love and romance wrought in crystal and iron. It's an irresistible attraction that has me hooked.

Perhaps I had a previous life in the roaring 20's. That may explain my attraction to the chandeliers above. Images via The Old Oak Cottage (left) and Alive and Adorned (right).

There's definitely an affinity for draped crystals and pearls that flaunt that flapper lifestyle. Give me a boa, headpiece and string of beads, and I'll propose a toast under the flattering light.


Dramatic chandeliers come in so many shapes and sizes like the images (above) via Pinterest. Today, many manufacturers are creating beautiful reproductions of antique styles.

Image via AJC Homefinder.

Glamorous ceiling fixtures have been beautifully reinvented for a modern age. I love the floral motif of this grande dame.

Image via Home Trends & Design.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming. A clever, modern take on chandeliers that combines new materials with familiar silhouettes is lust-worthy.

Image via ArchitecDecorating.

Contemporary, sculptural shapes and metallic finishes have a romantic personality, too. Hit the dimmer switch and watch these fixtures turn the evening into something special.

I may have to do some shopping for that romantic St. Valentine's Day celebration!

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