Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rodeo chic ...

I have to admit that being from Texas is somewhat like being from another planet. It's especially obvious when the Rodeo is in town and just about every female is compelled to dig through their wardrobe and assemble daily outfits interpreting individual visions of 'Texas Chic.'

Image via A to B.

I just got back from Dallas, where the look is like a cross between Annie Oakley and Tinkerbell. It starts with cowboy boots pulled over black tights and festooned with a net ballerina's tutu. The ensemble is layered with a camisole under a 'wifebeater' tee-shirt for a casual look or topped with a little denim blouse. 

Apparently, this is everyday streetwear for some ladies ... not a rodeo in sight. Who knew?

Image via Forever Jann.

In Houston, it's much more 'Urban Cowboy' with a polished look. Jewels, cowboy hats and boots straight from a Mongolian runway show - torturous beauties from the Genghis Khan line, no doubt.

Image via Models.

When the Rodeo rolls into San Antonio, our attire reflects the Spanish influence associated with the Southwest. There's lots of leather, Native Indian weaves, turquoise jewelry and silver embellishments.


Images above via Desperado Couture (left) and the cruiser by Patricia Wolf Designs (right).

For us, the time of our Rodeo is normally our only 'real' winter weather, so it's easy to layer warm jackets with leather and faux furs.

Images above via San Antonio Express-News (left) and Marie Claire (right).

As a general rule we save our western wear for February (except the requisite denim jeans which is a wardrobe staple). So, for the next couple of weeks the local ladies will be decked out for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Aren't you glad we don't take the Circus rolling into town as seriously?

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