Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pinching pennies ...

Every time the United States government suggests eliminating the one cent coin, I begin to feel a bit nostalgic. At the risk of sounding old, I must say it only took a few pennies to buy candy and soft drinks at the corner store when I was young.

Photo of floor in The Grill at The Standard Hotel, New York City.

Now, the price of the raw materials to mint a penny actually exceeds its face value. That's right, it takes almost two cents to make a one cent penny. What was once a coin made of pure copper now contains 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper plating. But, that old penny love has not been diluted.

Photo of floor in The Grill at The Standard Hotel, New York City.

With a bit of metallic inspiration, some very clever designers have used the humble penny to create mosaic floors like the one at The Grill in New York's Standard Hotel.

Image via RB Architect.

New York's RB Architect covered the walls of a retail showroom (above) with pennies, while others have found pennies as a choice material for their art.

Images above and below via Johnny Swing.

Sculptor Johnny Swing lends his incredible vision to the creation of new, artistic shapes simulating furniture. His creation (above) entitled, 'All the King's Men' morphs pennies into a couch with a mid-century vibe.

Image via Epbot.

I love the penny treatment given to a desktop in the tutorial posted on Epbot (above). A coat of clear acrylic covers the coins with a protective seal for added durability.

Image via Federico Uribe.

But, I have to say my favorite penny upcycling is a coin-covered torso entitled, 'Mujer Centenaria' by Florida artist Federico Uribe.

Now, a penny for your thoughts ...

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The Wisdom Knot Muse said...

I knew I was saving pennies for a good reason.

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