Saturday, February 18, 2012

Loving Lacroix ...

I have recently fallen in love with Christian Lacroix. Okay, I've never actually met the intriguing French designer, but I am smitten with his artistry, opulence and theatrical style.

Lacroix seems perfectly at home in the Wonderland photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue (he is seated at right, above). He is unapologetically dramatic with an approach to design that is informed by his study of art history and early dreams of becoming a museum curator or costume designer.

My recent interest in Lacroix resulted from the beautiful Baroque angels portrayed on a new line of his stationery (above left) that I purchased before last Christmas. I love each and every one of the high-style notecards and journals, including the Astrology series trimmed in black felt (above right).

Even his Virgin series of paper goods (above) has caught my eye. 


Lacroix is certainly a man of great artistic talent, but he must also possess a keen wit and fertile imagination to transform the tale of Sleeping Beauty with his interpretative illustrations that connect the beloved fairy tale with a fashion savvy make believe world.

His biography notes that Lacroix began sketching historical costumes and fashions as a young boy. By looking at his more recent sketches (above), it's obvious that his artistic flair is born from a sense of whimsy, too.

Really, you must have a sense of humor to design haute couture that draws from fantasy, fables and folklore. It's pure entertainment on the catwalk.


I find that his accessories are absolutely beautiful, a bit of medieval madness featuring semi-precious jewels. His work has evolved as has his brand - intertwining fashion and lifestyle goods.

Christian Lacroix has also applied his interior design talent on a number of landmark hotels, including several of the best luxury hotels in Paris. The Hotel Notre Dame (above and below) is a testament to his fondness for drawing inspiration from diverse cultures.

It's as if the rooms have been curated with the finesse of a museum exhibit.

Lacroix takes it one step further into a fantasy realm with his designs for the Hotel Bellachasse in Paris (below).

And, his flirty artistic side shows a joyful caliope of colors in the Hotel Le Petit Moulin guest rooms (below).

Even though he severed ties with his namesake fashion house in 2010 following bankruptcy, Lacroix continues to impress with the introduction of his latest menswear line.

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