Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heart to heart ...

What shall I give thee, my love? I'm thinking of several ways to show hubby how much I care this St. Valentine's Day, starting with his favorites: wine and chocolate.

I think he would like to celebrate with the nice Chateau Labadie, Medoc, Bordeaux, France, 2007 that we brought back from our most recent trip to Paris, along with some rich, dark chocolate. Take it from a serious chocolate lover, my best recommendations are:

Valrhona Noir Extra Amer contains 85% cacao and can be ordered through

Dagoba Eclipse organic chocolate with 87% cacao is sold in-store and on-line at Whole Foods.


Images above via Country Living (left) and Best Furniture Trend (right).

Hubby truly enjoys plants and gardening, so I think he would appreciate an ivy heart topiary, or I could make a boxwood heart wreath to express my love.

Image via Ali Express.

How cute is this heart trio? I think that might be a sweet gift for family.


Or, for those loved ones who are out of town, it would be fun to tell them where my heart is ... anyplace they are, of course. Images via Michelle Fish (left) and Scandinavian heart design.

Image via Tuttemerull.

And, I could buy or make a simple stamp to create one-of-a-kind gift bags.

Yep, I have this Valentine's Day just about wrapped up! 

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