Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Tooth Fairy ...

Losing a tooth meant only one thing as a child ... the beloved Tooth Fairy would arrive to take the tooth while I slept and leave money in its stead. Don't laugh, those quarters added up after a while!

Hand-knit tooth pillows via

Back then, there were no special pillows, so the Tooth Fairy had to be pretty stealthy to reach under my pillow to replace the tooth and leave some change.

Now, there are special little pocketed pillows for the transfer of loot. And, teeth bring in big bucks these days. We're talking cash, baby!

Tooth Fairy pillow via Lisa Loves Holidays.

What I really love is the letterpress Tooth Fairy Kit (below) found on The Vitrine. It is such a cleaver keepsake to give to new parents of toddlers. Too bad I never saw this when my children were wee ones.

I think everyone should have an official certificate from the Tooth Fairy, don't you?

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