Saturday, February 11, 2012

Copper kitchen ...

I know serious chefs love copper cookware for its heat conduction properties and its durability. But, I have to tell you my love for copper is totally superficial. I just adore the way it looks on cookware or anywhere!

Image via Slim Paley.

I started collecting pieces years ago following visits to France and Italy where copper has been a staple in kitchens for centuries. The handsome pots and pans adorn walls and racks as a space-saving measure in the tiny residential and commercial kitchens.

Copper is so charming when displayed en masse. Who wouldn't fall in love with the copper merchant's display at the Place St-Andre des Arts in Paris? Count me among the smitten! Knowing the depth of my desire, even my dearest aunt passed along her copper kettles and pots to me. Bless her!

What I would love to do is display my beauties together. I have just the pot rack in storage. Now, all I need is a place to hang it.


I have to say the stunning wall of copper pots at the 18th century Ch√Ęteau de Montgeoffroy (Loire Valley, France) is inspiring! Images via The Magazine Antiques.

Image via Zeo Interior.

I think a cook's kitchen is all the more beautiful with copper counter tops and sinks. I can only guess that maintenance is grueling, but it is so gorgeous!

Image via Brooks Custom.

The variety of copper tiles has grown dramatically in recent years, paving the way for dramatic copper backsplash designs.

Image via The Learning Channel.

Although we're talking kitchens here, I just have to share another copper passion - sinks and bathtubs. Really, is there anything more lovely that those below?

Image via Frida.

Definitely among the most interesting hammered, copper sinks I've seen. What a rustic charmer! You can actually buy this one piece pedestal sink from Thompson Traders on Amazon.

Image via Slim Paley.

Both of the tubs (above and below) are certainly swoon-worthy! I'd take either. Wouldn't you?

Image via House to Home.

After my bath, I'd like a little pizza from an amazing copper oven like the one at the Medlock Ames Winery in California's Sonoma Valley.

Image via Medlock Ames Winery.


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Pigtown*Design said...

I had 100+ pieces of copper for the kitchen which I had collected over the years from junky old thrift shops where people didn't know what it was, and since it was dark and not shiny, didn't want it. WHen i moved abroad, I sold most of it, save for a great set of french cookware my parents bought at a country auction in france and shipped back home to me. i use it all the time and LOVE it!

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